Monday, April 19, 2010

A Post with Two Goals: Rick Springfield Will Follow Me!

Ha! Sounds like a football reference, no? It's not. I am not a fan of the sport.

However, I do have two goals here.

First, I want a famous person to follow me on Twitter and I have decided it shall be Rick Springfield. Anyone who knows me knows my feelings about the man. I cannot say I am his biggest fan. I mean, I don't travel to see him. I do have a husband and kids. Someone told me they have to come first and I cannot follow Rick Springfield around in the turbo mini van. I still choose to believe this.

So I make do with seeing him in concert. Making certain I get great seats. Hey, last December at The Hemmens, I almost touched him. Yes. Almost.

So the least he can do is follow me on Twitter. Maybe even Facebook. Seriously, I'm pretty funny. Even if my most-loved tweets and updates get no laughs at all. (I mean, did you guys see the one where I forgot my phone and did updates with paper and pen?! Offered to mail them?! Now that was funny!)

Second, a documentary is being made about Rick Springfield and his fans. Tentatively titled "Affair of the Heart," filming begins in May and continues through 2010. Read all about it here.

I'm assuming the documentary will be about the hardcore fans (i.e, those who follow Rick Springfield around the country) and the softcore fans (i.e., those of us who go to a concert and then go home to the kids; it also kinda sounds like something you'd see on Cinemax). Of course it will also feature Rick Springfield, the best looking 60 year old in the world!

Watch for Rick Springfield concerts in your neck of the woods. Watch for the documentary. Be in the documentary. Listen to a Rick Springfield playlist on your IPod. But, most of all, tell Rick Springfield to follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook (I'm on there as Susie Harkness Kline)!


  1. Susie! AWESOME BLOG! Hey, I'm one of those "softcore" fans myself. All I did was write a book inspired by Rick! LOL! But I know what you mean about having to go home to the kids! Good luck getting Rick to follow you! :)

  2. OMG Susie, I am with you. I make a rick reference at least everyday. I remember seeing him at 9 on mtv with Jessie Girl and here I am 38 and still loving him!!! I keep hoping he will come close to my area so I can see him. I saw him many years ago at Hersheypark ampitheatre and he was amamzing. Now I have to go see where he is playing!!

  3. HAHA! you are hysterical... and yes I too would love to have Rick as a "follower" as well...To make a long story short- I am also a long time- minivan driving- stay-at-home mom RS fan. Unlike you though, I have to admit to having "travelled" to see Rick several times, well, under the guise of going to visit my sister in Nashville. I do have a habit of accidentally stalking him- I ran into him in the Nashville airport last year and hotel lobby in NY (just a coincidence I swear!) So I under stand your desire to have Rick as a follwer on twitter or wherever.. I have had the fortune of "touching" him much (to my husband's dismay) several times and will tell you is a super-nice guy in person! Would post a pic if I could figure out how...
    Good luck with the blog!
    Renee D., from Rochester, NY

  4. Susie, I am with you on that. My two loves Rick Springfield and Dave Matthews. I have loved him since I was nine years old. I joke and say and at the same time seriously mean it say Jessies Girl will be one of my first songs played. I will do what i can to help!

  5. I am so sorry you are in this condition, Sisser. Maybe you know the name of a good Clinical Psychologist who could help you here? Remember, admitting you have a problem is the first step.........

  6. Sweet!! I was at the last pic here that show was Elgin, IL...he did a handstand & a