Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...and I'm just not that happy with Yahoo mail right now...

OK, Happy Easter. For all you practicing Christians, enjoy the resurrection of Jesus! I don't really know what to say to my Jewish friends, because I was raised Catholic. And I'm not really Catholic anymore. I'm more a believe-in-God closet Buddhist. But this is all fodder for a different post.

What I really want to do is rant about Yahoo mail. They have "new" mail and "classic" mail. I am using "new" mail because it's got to be better, right?! Except I can't use any of the options in "new" mail.

So I switch back to "classic" mail and make my changes. Seriously, I need my filters to work because I am a cheerleader on Goals for Guppies for the next three months and I want the posts to go into their own folder. Except that it hasn't worked so far and I've tried and tried, but they keep going into the generic Guppies folder. Now, I really want them to go into my general Inbox folder so I can answer them within an appropriate time.

But when I switch back to "new" mail, none of my changes take! I can't even make changes to my contacts list and my brother Tommy changed his email address, and I really, really need to make the changes.

So I use the "comment" link and make a comment. At first, second and third tries I am polite. When the screen comes up offering to send my to customer service, I politely decline. Well, in my head anyway. I mean there's no one really there. It's just a screen.

But the last time, I'm not even sure I wrote in complete sentences. I just want them to know that their system isn't working for me.

And when I start my new on-line class this week about freelance writing, and I fail to keep up because I can't make a folder for the million and one posts that will be coming through each day, I will get more and more angry.

If anyone knows someone at Yahoo, could you mention my problem? Their comment page isn't working right...

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