Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hat Quest 2010

I need a new hat since I can't be in the sun. Unfortunately, I forget how bad the sun really is for me until Spring is here.

So today was day one of Hat Quest 2010.

Shopping for hats alone is a miserable experience. Seriously, if you don't have someone to manically laugh with you over the absurd hats that are available, it's just not fun. Plus, the cell phone camera ensures that any really bad blunders can be digitally archived. And passed around. Posted on Facebook.

Sadly, a baseball cap isn't enough. I need more protection than that.

All the cute hats have narrow brims. Not enough protection.

Hats with a really wide brim made me look like a tourist. I don't know where...but I'm sure it's some place where tourists are horribly mocked for their choices in hats!

After Hat Quest, I am bring the Caftan Hunt. I need coverage for my entire body.

Such a pretty picture, eh?!


  1. I feel your pain. I break out in blisters whenever I'm in the sun and my husband is a skin cancer survivor so our household is big on sun protection. Check out They have a bunch of hats and clothing with the sun protection stuff built in.

  2. Should we plan another trip to Kansas City?????

  3. I would love another trip to KC. The Plaza was lots of fun!

  4. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.