Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is Happiness/Gratitude Month!

"Optimism, like gratitude, is really about shining the flashlight of
your attention on what's good instead of what's not."
M.J. Ryan, life coach and author of Adaptability

The moms at Motherhoot are taking on the happiness/gratitude challenge! You're invited to participate too!

Take some time each day to jot down the things that you are grateful for that day. Big or small, everything counts! You don't need a fancy journal to do this. Although it really is nice to keep it all in one place so you can read over it.

This challenge developed from an article I read about The Happiness Project. Other researchers have taken the premise just a little further and have studied whether there really is an increased feeling of happiness when you focus on the good in your life.

I believe your overall feeling of happiness has to increase if you are grateful. And I challenge you to try it, too!

The moms will be posting their feelings each week throughout the month. Why don't you join us and share with others. Is it working for you? Do you think it's hokey?

We want to know it all! Good or bad!

This was my message from the universe this morning and it seemed just a little too coincidental:

For simply giving thanks, Susie, when you lay down to sleep each night, or, from time to time, for no reason or rhyme, you'll begin to move with life instead of against it. You'll be shown that life could not possibly be more beautiful than it is now. You'll see that you are the fountainhead of your experience. You'll remember that you transcend all things time and space, and thus are their very master. And you'll find that you live in a paradise where the only thing that truly seems impossible is how powerful you really are and how much you are loved.

What else would you think about, anyway

The Universe from

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