Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sing, Sing a Song

Yesterday I wrote about dancing. Today will be the obvious companion--Singing!

I love to sing. I love to sing when the music is loud. As the years have gone by, I have become more blatant in my singing in the car.

I sing as I dance about the house.

And I am always good! Seriously, American Idol contestants have nothing on me! I could swing by and dance through Dancing with The Stars and then mambo into the next studio for my episode of American Idol!

I've even toyed with the idea of joining some sort of choir. Or asking the singer down the street for voice lessons. She's a professional singer, so I don't actually ask her.

For a long time, I forgot how important music was to me. I always had the television on to fill the house with noise. I limited my music consumption to the car. Then I started turning on music in the house. And it has made such a nice difference!

Music is very important to our family too. When Aaron was younger and was never going to walk, talk, function, etc. (that's what the professionals told us anyway) he was being taught sign language to give him communication skills. Then one day he starts belting out "Big Machine" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Let me tell you, my admiration for Johnny Rsesnik took on a completely different facet. Aaron could communicate, he was just waiting for a really great song as his message! (I heard Johnny Rzeznik likes to hear inspirational stories about his music, so feel free to pass along this blog if you know him!)

I made up a lot of little songs for Aaron when he was little. Sure, Rick Springfield has his lullabies, but did he ever sing "Socks on Toes" and "The Arms Go In The Sleeves." Or sing "Rock a Bye Baby" over and over to induce giggles when the line "and down will come baby" meant he would be dropped and caught before he got hurt. (Again, if you think Rick Springfield would like the music rights to "Socks on Toes" or any of the other ditties, please feel free to pass on this blog.)

Jeremy and Jermaine thought Peter Gabriel was singing "Chocolate Monkey" instead of "Shock the Monkey." For a long time, Jeremy's favorite song was "Cheeseburger in Paradise." They recently informed me that they prefer Jim's music (rock and country) to my 80s laden alternative choices. That's ok with my, because they'll be remembering my music and telling their kids one day, "Gramma Susie used to sing this song all the time when we were kids!" They won't be able to hear the Cars "Moving in Stereo" without thinking of me!

Jim plays guitar every night. Once I asked him to play me a love song and he did a little Mexican hat dance like song. Yeah, he thinks I'm hot and spicy!

There are songs that always bring a smile to my face. The memories are from long ago, but hearing the song makes it seem like just yesterday. I am instantly transported back in time when I was young and carefree.

So sing today. Sing loud and proud!

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  1. You are still young and carefree! I sing LOTS of Christmas songs, years round. That is what my grand kids will learn about! Keep your feet moving and your voice singing, Sisser!