Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

It's the first day of Spring and I am watching the snow falling outside my window.

Seriously. The grass is white again. The pine trees in front of me have white and green branches. And the finches have fled the front yard.

I know, I know, it won't last long. The warmer weather will melt it soon.

Still, I'm just tired of snow and the teasing of spring we had all week makes it even worse!

I'm ready for eternal sunshine and pleasant breezes.

Awwwww, summer...


  1. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  2. So you don't want to hear that it's 74 degrees here today? It's supposed to get cold again next week. I think it's going to drop down into the 50s Monday and Tuesday. :P (Sorry. I'm just not a very nice person.)