Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm on Spring Break

It's Spring Break here in Roselle, Illinois.

Spring Break=Kids, No School.

So why am I suddenly so unmotivated? It's almost like I am also on Spring Break.

Cook dinner? But I'm on spring break!

Vacuum the living room? But it's spring break!

Watch the kid? Hey, I'm on spring break here!

The sad thing is that being a stay at home mom means nearly every day is spring break. Seriously, how much cleaning can you really do? Laundry is endless, so I don't even count that as a chore. Cooking comes second nature.

But for Jim--who really could use a Spring Break--his days are filled with never-ending work and stress. I feel really bad for him.

Plus, it's day 2 of Spring Break, and I don't even have anything to bitch about yet.

No one's threatened to kill anyone else. Well, Jermaine did call Aaron "retarded" yesterday and I had to yell a little about that.

Aaron went with me to bowling today and was good as gold. Seriously, I was dreading it--okay, seriously dreading it--but with a full McDonald's breakfast and my Ipod touch, he was content to sit for 2.5 hours while I bowled. And he only asked to go to the arcade once!

Maybe I'll get motivated to do something. Or maybe I'll watch "Jag" on Sleuth. That David James Elliot guy--or whatever his name is--is pretty cute.

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