Friday, March 26, 2010

Pet Peeve Friday...Safety Seals on Bottles

I understand the food and drug industries are doing whatever they can to keep their products safe for consumers. What I don't understand is why they make it so freakin' difficult to open their products!?

Give me just a little tab or a lip to grasp so I can pull your safety device off clean and neat. You're really not making me a big fan of your product when I have to feel around for the piece that's hanging over the opening so I can get a good grip to get it off.

I don't like just punching through because I don't want the dirty safety guard on the outside of the bottle touching the contents of the bottle. Isn't one of the reasons for the safety guard so the product doesn't get contaminated?!

Plus, I'm a little neurotic about this and need to have the entire safety guard removed from the bottle. It's just neater that way. It's how I like it. (I also like my towels hung a certain way, my gym bag packed a certain way, towels folded a certain way...)

If I had the energy, I would start a letter-writing campaign. Start boycotting difficult-to-open products. But since I don't have any excess energy at the moment, I will just complain here.

Hurry! Give me your pet peeve for today! I'll be doing a drawing on Sunday from all comments. The prize: an Avon lipstick sampler. Tell your friends! Please include an email address so I can contact you.


  1. My pet peeve (other than one being the exact same as you are blogging about! I hate those safety seals!) is people who drive the speed limit! Isn't that posted sign just an "approximate"? And who would dream of going slower?????

  2. My pet peeve is when someone leaves you a message with their phone # and they say it so fast that there is absolutely no way you can get it w/o listening to the message 5 or 6 times. Slow your talking down, people!