Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Care Reform

I really hate to get political because it is so easy to offend people. But I can't keep my mouth shut any longer.

What the hell is the matter with healthcare reform? OK, that didn't come out as delicate and polite as I wanted it to. But it's what I've been screaming in my head for months and months.

Let me tell you some stories...

How about the pregnant woman who had her company's health insurance change mid-pregnancy and then couldn't get coverage with her obstetrician because he wasn’t covered under the new insurance? True story. I worked with her.

How about the single mother who was beaten up by her children’s father? She didn’t have insurance and didn’t have a caring employer, so she worked all day. I heard about her because I was the family counselor at the day care. She had to walk past my office to get her kids. She could barely walk, was holding her side, and explained that she wasn’t going to the hospital because she wasn’t able to drive herself down to Cook County Hospital to get medical care. I called the nearby hospital and got them to agree to treat her.

When I was the executive director of The Peace Center—a social service agency that worked with people who were homeless—I saw more than one family lose their housing because they were struck with a devastating illness. These were hardworking people who struggled to pay all their bills. Even though people without insurance regularly pay more than people with insurance. People often lose jobs because of an illness.

I’m getting a little miffed when I see all the older Teabaggers doing the protesting. Aren’t you getting Medicare? Don’t you already have a government health care plan in place? Why would you take it away from others who need it as much as you do?

Is there anyone in America who truly believes that the system we have in place now is working? Sure politicians don’t care…because they already have a government plan in place that covers them. And, it’s become painfully obvious that politicians do not believe in paying bills; I’m assuming this from all the education cuts being made in my state because the state is in arrears.

So I beg you, call your representative today. Let her know that some sort of health care reform is needed.


  1. Health care reform IS needed just not Obama care. He has no clue as to what this country really needs when it comes to health care - nor do most political big wigs. If politicians want to make the laws regarding health care - they should have to be covered by the health care system they create. Start with that premise & we might actually get somewhere. Until then, keep the government out of my health care decisions. Until of course, I reach retirement and my health care is covered in part by medicare......:-)

  2. Okay, third time I have tried to post a comment. If this time does not work, I will give up! Yes, Health Care reform IS needed! Just not Obama care. No politician who receives the health care we stupidly provide for government big wigs can truly understand the needs of health care reform. If our politicians want to create a health care plan, they should be mandated to be covered by that plan and no other. Let them start with that premise, and real reform may come. At this point, I do not want the government involved in my health care decisions - that is not until I am covered by medicare! :-)

  3. Susie, start by auditing home health companies. All of them. I guarantee you will make up a huge chunk of fraud in the billing practices of these companies. The you remove some of regulation tied to the insurance company and make them actually compete against each other which will drive down cost. The government HAS NEVER been successful at any entity they have run. Now, we want these same idiots to take over 1/6 of the economy? That's crazy.