Monday, March 22, 2010

Dance 'Til You Drop

How often do you dance? Seriously?

I can’t remember the last time Jim and I danced together. It was probably at a wedding. Crap, Shannon’s been married eons now. We did dance a lot at our wedding twelve and a half years ago. However, it’s not our dancing together that is ever remembered. It is Jim dancing solo on the table while people shoved money down his pants. (We had a wild wedding!)

Personally, I dance a lot. In the morning I pop on my IPod and dance around the bedroom. Some times I make the dogs dance with me. Dylan used to love to dance. I’d grab his front paws and around we’d go. But now he’s old and not all that fond of being swung around like that. Nikki’s too darn big to dance with. I usually end up getting licked from ear to ear. That’s not something I enjoy right after a shower. Roxy prefers dancing on her own. She will spin on her back paws without any assistance needed on my part.

When I dance alone I am a phenomenal dancer. I would win Dancing with the Stars in a heart beat. Well, if I were a star and I could be the only person voting!

I used to Jazzercise. That was fun dancing. There was a routine we did to Copacabana. I swear, we were Vegas showgirls.

When I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, I told my kids I was really diagnosed with Showgirl Syndrome and would soon have spectacular legs and would be dancing all over. I practiced and practiced so I could be a Rockette. When I saw their Christmas show, I realized the only role I would ever dance was Mrs. Santa.

I was just dancing around the living room. I wonder what the neighbors think when they look in the windows? Not that I really care. I just want to dance!