Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time's Going By Way too Fast!

Jermaine left this morning for the Nike Nationals in North Carolina. His coach is talking about the college scouts that will be there. He comes home from school with envelopes from colleges who are interested in him.

But he can't be ready for college! I've only had him for such a short time! At the end of this month we will have only been a family for 9 years! That's not enough time. We have so much more to do!

I'm proud of the man he has become. But I still remember the wide-eyed, scared little boys he and Jeremy were when we first met. We were all scared but we've formed one hell of a family. Adding Aaron a few years later completed us.

Most parents get 18 years before they send their kids into the scary big world. I'm going to have 11. I want those other 7! I need those other 7...

I'm not ready to lose my babies...

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