Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's My Favorite Day of the Year!!

The day the new Stephanie Plum novel comes out! This year's Finger Lickin' Fifteen has some big shoes to fill, because the first fourteen novels were hoots. Check out the Janet Evanovich's website at evanovich.com for more information about all the novels.

I'll begin my yearly ritual today. Starting with One for the Money, I will re-read each of the books while waiting for the library to call when it's my turn for the new one. I am on a book-buying moratorium, but will make an exception for the new paperback of Fearless Fourteen.

These books make me laugh. Seriously, I will sit in bed reading, laughing out loud. Then I'll make Jim listen to a passage to share it with him.

I want to be Stephanie Plum. I want two yummy guys to drool over and make my hormones swirl (in a good way, not this perimenopause way that's really sucking!). I want a kooky gramma who fires her gun at dinner, hitting the chicken. I want a side kick like Lula who will pretty do almost anything I ask her.

OK, my best friend Kelly is my sidekick. But I can't see her covering the rear with her gun while I go to the front door to pick up a stray bailed out prisoner who's failed to appear. If I begged, she probably would do it. But chances are one of us would get shot. And it would hurt. A lot! Mostly Kelly and I critique shops and buy art supplies!

Janet Evanovich's magic isn't just seen in the Stephanie Plum novels. She also wrote some really fun romances at the beginning of her career. I just finished reading The Grand Finale and it was sweet and hilarious.

OK, just read all her books. She's my favorite author and can't be beat!

Happy Reading!

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