Friday, June 5, 2009


Tonight Aaron had a baseball game. I have no idea what was happening because I was busy talking to other moms and taking pictures of three adorable little blonde girls.

Main topic of conversation (and I've been having this conversation with many lately) was whether anyone has had a mojito. I still haven't met someone who has! If you have, please tell me how it is!

After the game (by the way, Aaron and the twins all won) we went to Wendy's for ice cream. I'm addicted to the coffee toffee twisted frosty sans coffee. Hey I couldn't have a mojito!

Then I stayed in the car when everyone else got out to enjoy it in peace. I seriously contemplated locking the doors so no one could get back in. I've had it up to my eye balls today with the bickering and fighting.

I'm still in the car. Just kidding, I've taken to my bed!

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