Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer TV

I love television. Really, I do.

But I hate kids' tv at the moment.

Aaron's started watching ICarly. Seems ok at first glance. No anime, no psuedo-moralistic meanderings by Japanese warrior characters, no Dora. Real people. Cute people who make funny jokes.

But they also argue. A lot. Over and over.

I don't know about you, but I get enough arguing over vacations between my own three kids without adding in television shows that have characters who are also arguing. Last week, between the boys bickering and ICarly characters bickering, I thought I would tear my hair out.

Yes, ManiacMom made a small appearance. I simply yelled ("yelling" being different from "screaming" in volume and octave), "Turn it off, I can't take it anymore!"

I also suggested to Aaron that he watch only Mom Approved Television (NCIS and any Law & Order program instantly approved) like Jimmy Neutron, Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob.

I can't believe I've been reduced to preferring SpongeBob to other programs.

And the bickering quotient has been greatly reduced since I have sent Jeremy off to train for track without competing. Maybe the coach was hearing some desperation in my voice when we spoke because it was his suggestion. I just might have to thank him for my sanity because listening to Jeremy and Aaron snipe at each other all afternoon was working my last nerve...

Happy Mothering!

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