Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Google It!

When I was a kid and asked a question, I was often told to look it up in the dicitonary, look it up in the encyclopedia, or hit the card cabinet at the library. It was tedious, but we did it. Even my first research course in college was all about getting to the library and finding out inane things through the reference materials available there.

Now my kids are kids of the New Millenium. They have Google or a million other search sites to use instead of me!

So that's become my pat answer of late, "Go Google it."

"Do foxes eat people?" says Aaron.

"Go Google it," I say. "Stop spending all your time online playing goofy games and do some research!"

It hasn't stopped the flood of questions that flow from Aaron when he's asked to do some chore. (Why is that the time when he has the most questions?!)

Why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly? How can water smell?

My go-to answer before I thought of Google was, "because God made it that way."

My God answer was a good one, I thought. But then it led to all sorts of God questions. Why did God make bad guys? Why did God make guns? What does God taste like? (My answer to that was my ultimate favorite..."God tastes like chicken.")

I wish I had thought of Google when Aaron went through his worm phase. Because telling him I wasn't a wormologist didn't stop him. Eventually, screaming to leave me alone and stop asking questions did that.

I will have to keep an eye on Aaron's Google research though. Lord knows kids don't need to go to Google to find out about sex! That's what dads are for...

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