Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Hate to Even Admit This...

but I think I've been getting the endorphin rush from exercising. I know, I know, my non-exercising friends, this is absolutely shocking. But I cannot control it. I cannot stop it from happening!

I'm getting to the point where I don't even think about it. On water aerobic days, I get out of bed. (I'm not so crazed that I leap out of bed at the first sound of the alarm. I still hit snooze several times!) Put on my swim suit, brush my teeth, grab my gym bag, and am ready to drive to the club as soon as Aaron is gone.

I still count the minutes during class, but less than before. Twenty or thirty minutes might pass by before I remember to look at the clock!

On non-water aerobic days I seriously contemplate heading to the club to run in the water or do some other form of exercise.

There. I'll admit it. It's addicting! I don't know if it really is an endorphin rush or just the relief of nothing really hurting in the water.

Whatever it is, I'll take it. I've even found myself pondering alternate forms of exercise.

Will the pod people please return my body?! Maybe later we'll discuss this craving I have for fruit...

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  1. I have almost all of your 25 blogs and you really need to do stand up comedy! YOU are really a hoot and very talented. Just remember me when you are so very successful at being the most funniest woman alive next to me!
    LOL and a big hug to a very special woman!