Monday, January 11, 2010


Are you or aren't you a Resolutions person? Most people I polled this year had nothing but disdain for them. I'm on the fence.

Which is why I took time this morning to put my goals for the upcoming year into writing. Following guidelines suggested by Helen Buttigieg, I wrote down my goals and the steps needed to accomplish them this year. Then I printed it out on paper.

I even printed it out onto paper and have tucked it into my calendar.

The only problem? I have a tendency to never look at things once they are tucked away. I don't want to post my goals. My office is part of the living room. I don't want them to be my screen saver. I don't want them to be public at all. They are my private goals!

So how can I remember them? Or are they going to fall the way of my art journal. I did one entry, put it on a shelf, and, honestly, haven't thought about it again until today.

Once something is gone from sight, I forget about it. Doesn't matter what it is. Jewelry--unless it's out on the stand on my dressing table, I never wear it. Clothes--if they get too far down in the drawer, I never wear them. Shoes in the closet never get worn. Food shoved to the back of the cabinet never gets eaten. Books at the bottom of the pile never get read.

Maybe my only resolution this year should be to learn to look for things!

I know there are people who practice putting everything away all the time. How do you do this? How does it work? How do you know you aren't forgetting something?

I really need to know. I might want to add it to my goals for the year. If I can find the list...

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  1. This is sooooo me!!!!! I have finally made the same resolution for some time - to make NO resolustions....& even that does not always work!...I still end up making a resolution.....