Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We are the Suburban Mom Animal Rescue Team. We sit high in our minivans, scouring the streets with our radar-sharp mother eyes, looking for animals that have wandered away from their owners.

Day after day, as we leave our neighborhoods to run errands, schlep kids, or go to lunch, our momdar is perpetually on high. We can spot a stray animal, a lost pet, or even a wandering kid in a heart beat. Brakes squeal as we throw open our van doors and lure the wayward animal inside to deliver him to safety.

I am a proud member of SMART. I have, in fact, rescued a lost pet. Sure, I found him in his own yard. But he was just wandering there. And I didn't know it was his yard! I swear! His owner even seemed grateful when she walked down the street to get him from me.

I've corralled the dogs from next door when they've gotten out of their yard. I'm sure the neighbors across the street appreciated me trodding through their yards to retrieve the little scamps.

My men have also taken up this vocation. I am proud to report that we all are forever aware of an animal that appears to be lost or confused. The boys spent an entire summer searching for Thomas the missing cat. Jim brought home and introduced our latest canine rescue, Candy.

Won't you, too, join our team? We need all the eyes we can get!

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