Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading Menace

Years ago I gave up buying books because I thought they just added clutter to our small house. Plus, I could get books from the library and they are free. The only books I've purchased in years are the new paperback release from Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series and anything new by Jennifer Crusie. I cannot read and re-read these authors enough. (If you've never heard of them, check them out! I cannot recommend their books enough!)

Then I got a Sony Reader for Christmas. Yes, my new device. If you're new to Motherhoot, you might not know that I lust for electronic devices. The newer, the better. New phone, I want it. New Ipod, I want it. (I am counting down the days until our cell phone contract is up so I can switch to the Iphone...which combines my two favorite devices: cell phone and Ipod Touch.)

I have bought more books in the two months I have had it than in the past five years. Maybe even longer! Someone recommends a book, I rush to my ereader account to see if they offer it. If they don't, I check out hoping that they have it. When I find books that aren't available for a reading device, I feel sad and bereft!

Yesterday I just happened by the ereader site to see the new releases. Suddenly, I am interested in these things. Before this I was content to wait until the library called to tell me it was my turn to read the newest release on my favorite authors list.

What did I find? Light and fluffy novels for $1.99 each. Had to have them.

One of the best features of the Sony Reader is the ability to "check out" books from an on-line library. I found the link to my site from my library's website. I recommend looking into yours if you have a reader and don't want to keep buying books.

I've discovered Nevada Barr and her Anna Pigeon series. I am almost done with the second book and cannot wait to place the third book on my list so I can read it. The e-library I use has a wish list and a holds list. This was I can track as many books as I want!

I don't think I would have discovered Anna Pigeon without the on-line library. I also cannot wait to start reading some Michael Connelly either. I like starting a series at book one and working my way through to the current offering. Also Hannah Fluke has caught my eye. Her first novels are waiting patiently on the reader to be read and recipes tested.

Next to my Ipod touch, this device is getting the most use. And some nights I even forgo the Bedazzled quest to read!

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