Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gym Membership...Week 1

It's official, I have belonged to the gym for over 1 week. I have attended six water aerobics classes since I joined.

And I have no urge to quit yet! I actually am wondering, though, if water aerobics actually counts as exercise because I love it so much.

Hey, am I feeling an endorphin rush?! Is this that elusive feeling that I've failed to identify in the past?

I know water aerobics has made my muscles sore. So I'm guessing it does work.

But in the water I feel no struggle. I feel graceful and light on my feet.

Using the ladies' locker room has also been an eye-opener. First, I saw what boobs look like when you're young. OK, ladies, remember when your nipples pointed forward instead of downward? Yes, I have witnessed a set of these on a "regular" woman. It's been awhile and I had forgotten!

Second, I have seen what a "regular" aging body looks like. It has been ages since I've used a locker room. At my old clubs, I worked out and left to shower at home. I never saw an unclothed or partially unclothed woman at all. So it's been nice to see cellulite and saddle bags. Not everyone looks like a Victoria's Secret model under their clothes! They have sagging and bagging and look pretty good dressed.

Third, I have seen what makeup can do for some women. I've seen a blah looking woman sans makeup transform into a goddess with it. It almost makes me want to start wearing makeup on a regular basis!

I'm pleasantly tired from this morning's session of water aerobics. Maybe I'll go take a nap...

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